Q: What are the lead times for your products?

A: All our products are in stock and reeady tobe delivered, unless stated otherwise. Products that contain "Pre Order" in the title are not in stock and are going to be ordered to the various manufacturers. For lead times of various products, see the category specific questions below

Q: What is your shipping policy?

A: Once your order is fully paid and the products are in stock, we usually ship in 1-3 business days. Shipping is handled by DHL and the contents are insured in full.

Q: The night vision system/component I’m interested in is sold out. Can it be backordered?

A: Yes! If the product you’re interested in is not in stock but can be backordered, we can order it for you! Delivery times vary depending on the product category. Some of our products are even shown as "Pre-order" from time to time. Lead times for pre-orders vary depending on the type of system/component

Q: Great, you can order the product I’m interested in. How long does the order process take?

A: We are usually submitting orders to our US suppliers at the end of each month. Then it’s really up to the lead times of our suppliers. Nocturn Industries, for example, has a lead time of 6-10 weeks. See the lead times related question for more detailed information


Q: What are the lead times for product X?

A: Here are the lead times for our most popular products

  • Nocturn Industries: 6-8 weeks
  • NNVT image intensifiers: 2 weeks


Q: What warranty do you offer?

A: Components carry their own warranty and it is listed on the respective product page. Nocturn Industries housings carry a lifetime warranty. NNVT tubes carry a 2-year limited warranty from the time of ordering.


Q: I want to order a night vision device with a HARDER Digital Gen3 image intensifier. Do I just go ahead and order? It's a Gen 3 image intensifier after all...

A: No further action is required from you, the customer, when it comes to ordering one of our night vision devices with a HARDER Digital Gen 3 image intensifier. However, be aware that if the product is a pre-order one, the delivery times for Gen 3 image intensifiers might vary. Get in contact stating which image intensifier you're interested in and we'll get back to you with a delivery estimate.